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Attorney Murat Serkan ATLI

He is a 2005 graduate of the Faculty of Laws of Maltepe University in Istanbul. He holds a certificate from Sels College in London.  He has been an active member of the ATLI & ATLI Law Office in 2005

He holds an LL.M. with thesis, in International Commercial Law from the University of Kent in England. His post-graduate studies include particular research in the fields of International Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, Information Technology Law, Electronic Signature, Maritime Law, and International Arbitration Law.   He has completed his master’s in International Law at the University of Kent with a thesis  International Agreements of Arbitration and Comparative Studies of Turkish and British Arbitration Arbitration Law.

Currently, he is doing second LLM degree at King’s College London as an LLM student in International Corporate and Commercial Law in the UK. In addition, he is studying sociology as a second bachelor’s degree at Istanbul University.

He is a professional user of network systems, all operating systems, hardware, and professional programming information technology.

After the early passed away of Lawyer Ahmet Şükrü Atlı, who has been practising law since 1974, in 2020, he continues to work towards becoming a worthy son of his Great Master, by taking the head of ATLI & ATLI Law offices in Izmir and Istanbul.

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